Thursday, November 3, 2011

If this is you, chances are you're a good parent

I have been blessed that most of my days are filled with laughter and food for thought, but I am proud to say that that last 24 hours have been very special. Last night my son's teacher revealed that he is somewhere near the top of his third-grade class and one of its brightest stars. In my case, this part isn't so much a surprise as a testament to priority management and proactive parenting. Like most 9 year-olds, when my son is not in school, his mind is a million miles from academics, and although it takes occasional mock threats of violence to get his attention on dinner instead of video games, apparently his teacher tells me he is sharp as a tack in the classroom, prepared, attentive - a model student. By contrast, his bedroom is rarely ever tidy, and if his function at home has nothing to do with playing, he's rarely interested. As challenging as parenting is, there are some battles better left in the background. My kids' kindergarten teacher wisely said that no child (or adult, for that matter) can perform brilliantly 100% of the time. People have to recharge in more ways other than just sleeping, so allow the children to let their hair down in a place that's safe and private, which is frequently the time spent at home. I relish the fact that my son is not perfect, and that his heart is filled with so much love for himself and everyone around him that perfection doesn't matter.

Another blessing is, despite my personal odds of succeeding, my oldest daughter is 12 today. It is usually this time of year I recall the hardships that have dogged me until now, but amidst all my chaos, this little gift dropped into my life, and ever since, constantly drives me to be smarter, take calculated chances, and never be afraid that someone won't be there to love me.

Here's to hoping miracles never cease.

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