Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year, New Attitude

2012 is apparently pegged for historical change. It is an American Presidential election year. The Mayans believe December 21 is Doomsday. Under this shadow and mounting economic pressures, so far this year has been difficult. I’ve tried to deflect the depression by noting there was a full moon early this month and Winter has a way of playing tricks on the mind, as well as the ability of consistent and invasive cold to demoralize warm-weather creatures. Considering this may be the end of the world, whatever advice or thoughts I may spark from now on will only have a shelf life of less than twelve months. As we wait for “the end”, it would be simplest to sit back and let it come, but what if it isn’t “the end”? Few successful things in this life come about as random events. Planning ahead for yourself and encouraging your kids to set goals for their future is never too soon. Expanding horizons before the future becomes the present makes success less of a surprise. What do you want? How are you going to get it? What do your children want? What do you have to do to get them access? When you’ve decided these answers, take hold of them and don’t let go. Life can be harsh and goals will try to slip away from you, but persistence, flexibility and patience will make life live up to your expectations. If you’re still here, there’s still time to make your good life happen.

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